Create a distinctive scenery photo.

  I always believe that design equal to play visual games. Great designers must be very good at playing with color, shape, and angles of view. There are series images I found on a Chinese’s blog. They don’t have any information about the creator there. I even don’t know who post these images. But surely, the creator simply separate one image into two or three parts, and use same color lines to give us a brand new visual feeling about the image. The great hierarchy and layers make images more 3D. That’s why these images are so standout to me!ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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DIY: Collection/ Parking

  DIY means “do it yourself”. That’s what makes DIY stuffs special and meaningful. DIY is my favorite hobby. Sometimes I don’t really want people, whoever gets in Wal-mart or Target can get the thing I just bought. So I used to DIY birthday cards, gifts, and cute things especially for my close friends. DIY won’t cost a lot. All you need is a little highlight adorn, which basic on whatever you want change. Even a small button, a flower, or a hand-draw cartoon helps a lot. If you have enough time, and interest in it , try it anytime, you will have a lot of fun.


   Images picked from article “Collection/Packaging” website Oh, Hello Friend, which posted on 16th May, 2012. If you want read more, go to the website:

DIY: Yarn Wrapped Painted Jars

I found this post on pinterest, too. From these pictures, these look so romantic and fantastic. Also, they are DIY stuffs, which means I maybe will try to make it someday. Come on! Make your home full of unique things, even includes fragrance candle set! Try it, you won’t regret!


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Whimsy Ideas.

  This is whimsy, but a very good way to create beautiful and interesting things, which fit our appreciation of beauty. We can definely call it design or art. There are two reasons why I greatly support this new way to create stuffs by ourselves. First of all, most of materials people use to do this are used and useless things, they keep them, and change them instead of through them away is very environmental. The other reason is, it is very functional. Most people may buy something because of other reasons but its function, such like the design, the color, or the brand. After changing these stuffs, they becoming more suitable and useful.




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Amazing 3D Street Art

  I was so surprised at my first time see these 3D drawings on Pinterest. This is 2-dimensional artwork on the street which as known as 3D Chalk Art. It’s a new form of painting works which is much harder than creating a 3d view work on canvas. What artists have to do is not only draw 3D images on the surface of ground or on flat walls, the most important is they have to get the angle correct, then people who walking on the street can be amazed by this fantastic artworks. 

  • Hot river. Nearly the whole street were taken to create this earth cracking effect. Brilliant piece of art! (via Edgar Mueller)Image
  • Mysterious cave. You don’t have to travel around around the world exploring mysterious caves – somtimes they are just under you. (via Edgar Mueller)Image

Crazy river. Just hold on and here we go… Oh snap, I didn’t see that crock down the river! (via Julian Beever )


  • Nails. Ouch, this hurts! (via Manfred Stader)Image

EasyJet – Edinburg. So it’s possible to kick back at a beach, in the middle of a city. (via Manfred Stader)Image

  • Treuhaus. 3D chalk drawing can also be on the wall. (via Manfred Stader)Image


  Images By . Filed in InspirationAds by Google. “50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art (Paintings)” from Design.Inspiration. Technology.

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